Over the winter, I interned at NEW INC, an incubator program run by the New Museum in Manhattan. My main responsibility there was to update the design and functionality of while migrating it to Squarespace for better blogging integration. The old site was created when NEW INC was in its infancy and focused more on publicizing and establishing the tenets of the program, so one of the main design challenges was how to more prominently integrate content created by the community on the new site.

While the Squarespace platform made most of the content migration easy, I had to use extensive CSS styling in order to make the site match the style guidelines outlined by NEW INC and the New Museum. I also made some Javascript/CSS changes to the site’s template in order to alter the default blog entry display, reconfigure the site’s breakpoints for better responsive design, and add some aesthetic features that couldn’t be done through Squarespace’s CMS.

Here are some of the areas where I implemented significant changes from the old site’s design: